Verona in Love 2017


On 13th -14th and-15th February, for three romantic days, we invite all those in love in the most romantic city in the world – Verona!
The streets and shop windows in the city center will be decorated with red hearts covering street lamps, creating a fascinating warm atmosphere.
From the top of Lamberti Tower, which in the Valentine’s days will be lit red, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city .
“The heart of the city” will be Piazza Dei Signori, one of the most romantic squares of Verona city center, where a huge red heart will be designed with a red carpet. The square will also host a tipical local craft market which offers a big variety of gifts, souvenirs and traditional sweets.
Close to Juliet’s House you can participate in a game called “Love Stone”. Thanks to a sophisticated laser technology, all lovers can engrave their love message on one of the 60,000 marble tiles embedded across the Lovers’ Terrace in the courtyard of the House, in front of Juliette’s Balcony.
Moreover, streets, city squares and of course all the Shakespearean places of Verona will host performance, concerts, dances and events in which you can take part.
In Piazza dei Signori, all lovers will live a unique moment with a collective one-minute-long kiss, at the end of which a love cloud of thousands of red hearts will blow up.
Many “sky lanterns” will rise into the sky bringing romantic love messages.
On this day, it is usual in Italy to make gifts such as flowers, perfumes, diamonds and sweets in the shape of heart. A very popular gift is “Bacio Perugina”. It is an irregularly rounded-shape chocolate, stuffed with hazelnut, chopped hazelnuts and covered with different kind of chocolate, produced by Perugina.
“Bacio” is the Italian word for “Kiss”. Between the chocolate and the silver wrapping of each “Bacio Perugina” there is a cartouche containing famous words of love in four languages.
What else can be offered as a gift? Of course, a little heart for Valentine’s Day – a festive symbol!

Call or mail us and we will:

  • arrange for the decoration of your hotel room;
  • create an enchanting set for your “Declaration of love” or “Marriage Proposal”;
  • plan an “oath of fealty” in one of the most lovely and charming place of the city;
  • organize a romantic dinner by candlelight in the presence of the Patron Saint Valentine;
  • make the movie of your Love Story in the City of Love!