Luxury Resorts on Lake Como

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1.Your fairytale wedding in one of the most famous Italian villas – Villa del Balbianello!
One of the most beautiful and romantic residences of lake Como, Villa del Balbianello at Lenno overlooks an enchanting wooded promontory, at the extreme point of the Dosso di Lavedo, which plunges into the waters of the lake forming a small peninsula.
It was built in 1787 and was frequented by intellectuals and outstanding figures of the Italian Risorgimento.
Due to its appeal it is used by many cinema producers for the setting of their films. In 2002 Villa del Balbianello was host to the cast of the production of one of the films of science fiction most watched in the history of the cinema. In the second episode of the very popular “Star Wars” the loggia of the Villa was the theatre of the kiss between Padmè and the young Anakin. The beauty of the lake can also be seen in other famous movies such as: “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Casino Royale”……..why not in your “Wedding Movie”?







2.For the past one hundred years, the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio has been one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. Set in the splendid surroundings of Lake Como, where the blue waters meet the green mountains, it enjoys a breathtaking position on the promontory, which juts halfway out into the lake, separating the two branches. Guests will no doubt be fascinated by the wall coverings in French style, the antique Persian carpets, the Murano glass chandeliers, the Imperial furniture and the neoclassical and Art Nouveau style.

Bellagio, which is called the “Pearl of Como,” was already known in the period of maximum splendor of the Roman Empire. The Romans introduced many Mediterranean crops, including the olive and laurel; from the name of the latter (Laurus) derives the Latin name of Lake Como (Larius).
The breathtaking scenery of the place will ensure a luxury and unusual photoshoot for couples in love.







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3. Villa Carlotta:“a place of heaven” – ideal location for civil and symbolic ceremonies!

Lake Como is known for its panoramic views and a mild warm climate, as well as for its luxurious villas, the most famous of which is Villa Carlotta. Located in Tremezzo, a very beautiful city, Villa Carlotta is set on the western shore of Lake Como.The beautiful Villa was built at the end of 17th century by the Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici in a natural basin between lake and mountains, facing the dolomite Grignas and the peninsula of Bellagio. The architect created for the Clericis an important but sober building, with a magnificent Italian garden decorated with sculptures, stairs and fountains. In 1801 Gian Battista Sommariva, famous politician and patron of arts, bought the Villa. Under Sommariva part of the park was transformed in a fascinating romantic garden. In 1843 Sommariva’s heirs sold the Villa to Princess Marianne of Nassau, Albert’s of Prussia wife, who gave it as a present to her daughter Carlotta in occasion of her wedding with Georg II of Saxen-Meiningen. Hence the name Villa Carlotta. Very fond in botanic, Georg enriched the park, today of great historical and environmental value. Terraces and balustrades are decorated with climbing roses and jasmine; a wood of tree ferns, magnolias, eucalyptus trees, Japanese maple trees and bamboo provides cool shade; vines and orchids in bloom create a corner which reminds a jungle. The best period to visit the Villa is in springtime, when it is immersed in a wonderful flowering of azaleas and rhododendrons, consisting of over 150 different sorts.

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4. Luxury Events at Villa d’Este!

Villa d’Este is a Renaissance patrician residence set on the shores of Lake Como. It was built in 1568 by the architect Pellegrino Pellegrini, as the summer residence for the Cardinal of Como. It is considered the best example of architecture and garden art. Its fame spread so much that in 1615, the Villa has been visited by the Sultan of Morocco with the sole purpose of knowing the luxury and splendor of the place. The name of the villa was given by Caroline of Brunswick, Princess of Wales and future Queen of England, when she purchased the property in 1815. It was and remains a place of European aristocracy holiday and also the great Empress Maria Feodorovna has honored Villa d’Este with her visit. Surrounded by 25 acres of gardens, it is more than just a hotel. The luxury and magnificence of a bygone era is maintained intact. Since its origins Villa d’Este has been continuously renovated and updated, without sacrificing any of its old-world charm. Upon emerging from the revolving doors of the Hotel you feel the cares of the modern world slip away and the warm greetings of the staff make you feel at home. The design of the lower part of the gardens is from the Renaissance period. The most outstanding landmark is the 16th century Mosaic with its Nympheum. Apart from the topiary hedges and the bushes of bamboo, azaleas, camellias, oleanders, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, there are roses and jasmine bushes. The trees range from chestnut, magnolia, oleafragrans, wistaria, palm, cypress, pine, ilex, privet, mediar to many others.


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