Beautiful Italian weddings
What we offer & some visual impressions

From rustic to city Italian weddings, no detail is left out and each client receives full and personalized service. Bringing our clients visions to life, is what we work for!

Perfect & Unique

Italy gives the views perfect for the setting of unique weddings. It has always been associated with love and romance. Each region has its own timeless elegance and charm made of a mix of culture, traditions, landscapes and flavors. The delicacy of a lake in contrast with the majesty of

the mountains on the horizon, the enchantment of the coast, with its stone alleys mosaics lulled by the sound of the sea, Tuscan hills, Italian-style gardens, rows of olive trees and meadows surrounded by colorful bougainvillea are all magical scenery for the staging of perfect Italian weddings.

Civil Ceremony

Civil Italian weddings take place in town halls which might be elegant palazzos decorated with beautiful antiques, tapestries and art. Many of these palazzos offer stunning open-air courtyards or terraces, some overlooking the sea. They are normally located in the heart of the town.
The Mayor dons the traditional Italian red, white and green sash and reads the articles of law governing the rights and responsibilities of married couples in Italian, which is simultaneously translated into English.

italian weddings

Religious Ceremony

Some of the most known churches in the world are located in Italy both in tiny villages and larger cities, with amazing architecture, breath taking frescos and mind blowing history, where your Catholic wedding can be celebrated.

Catholic weddings in Italy can only be celebrated inside consecrated churches by a Catholic priest and can be legally binding at the discretion of the Priest. There is a procedure that you must follow before you can be married inside the Catholic Church and we will guide you by making sure that all of the correct steps have been taken at the correct times.

Symbolic Ceremony

Symbolic blessings are not legally binding. A symbolic wedding or commitment ceremony captures the romance and importance of celebrating your love, while providing flexibility and allowing you to personalise the ceremony. It can be performed in any location of your choice: on the beach, in a romantic Italian garden or in the courtyard of a medieval castle. Anyone can perform the actual ceremony, be it a symbolic minister, a trusted friend or a member of the clergy or state. Since it is ‘symbolic’ ceremony no paperwork is necessary.

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