Our services
What we offer and some visual impressions

We have a comprehensive list of preferred vendors to suggest for your style of wedding and personalities.

Photography and Videography

Our team will help you choose a professional photographer and videographer, who will work to capture magical moments of your celebrations, which will live  forever in your memories.


With stunning artistry and intricate detailing, we will create beautiful landscapes that take your guests’ breath away. Flowers not only look beautiful, they stir our emotions and help set the tone, making them a very important part of your celebration. All over Italy we have built up a selected list of florists who will work with your personal style and inspirations, creating stunning and beautiful flower designs.

Hair & Make Up

We work with professional hair stylists and make up artists who will suggest to you the best look for your celebration.


We can offer all modes of transportation from your venue to the location of your event, according to your personal request. We can also  organise flights for your guests, arrange private coach or car transfer from airports, hire cars as well as advice on public transport options.

Food & Beverages

Our team works with some of the finest catering organisations and greatest italian chefs holders of Michelin stars. In any case the outcome is mouth-watering italian dishes accompanied by delicious wines suggested by talented sommeliers.



Music and lively entertainment are important elements to add extra emotion and personality to your celebrations. We have an inspiring list of talented musicians, from harpists, tenors, jazz, swing through to rock and roll.
Additionally, the days surrounding your celebration can be filled with welcome dinners, cocktail parties, wine tasting, show cooking, sailing or any other kind of trip.

Food and Wine Tours

Italy is the country of taste! It has always been synonymous with eating well an unmistakable explosion of flavors, scents and perfumes. It ‘s the most famous cuisines, it also proposes an immense variety of dishes and different recipes for each town, province and region.

food and wine tours

Shops and Gifts

Have a look at our shop-window, you will find a wide choice of exclusive and fashionable cloths for your ceremony! Bridal collections, evening dresses, men’s suit, accessories, hats, walking-sticks and much more. We can offer a high quality tailored cloths, 100% made in Italy.